St. Andrew's supports several causes in its local community. One of them is highlighted below.

St. Andrew's Food Pantry

Around 1999 Len Brown, then Senior Warden, entered into discussion with Linda Soucy as to how St. Andrew's could help people and programs in the Arlington neighborhood. A partnership was begun.

The church asked how we could help families in need of food and was given a list of items that families could use.

The members of St. Andrew's were given the challenge to provide the food and have done so ever since. People bring food items to the church and each week a bag of food is given to six families in need. The directors at MANN decide who receives the food so many families are helped over a period of time. Parishioners contribute through donations of non-perishables and cash donations. For the past few years proceeds from the St. Patrick's Day dinner have gone to the fund for the food pantry. These monies are used if items need to be purchased.

Over the years there have been "wars" in Sunday School classes to see who can bring in the most food. One young parishioner has asked for food donations in lieu of gifts on his birthday. Vacation Bible School has attendees bring donations as "admissions" each night. These activities all help to fill the closet and feed the six families we're committed to.

After Len passed away his wife Beverly took over and now runs the food pantry. With the continued support of St. Andrew's parishioners we should be able to continue assisting those less fortunate in our neighborhood.